Buying Art, Books or Cards

Buying a Painting, Books or Cards:

Click on the request information button on any page. It will tell you what to do. Be sure and note the name of the painting you are interested in. Once I receive the request for information, I will send you an email with the total amount and we can decide how you want to pay. A check is fine or you may want to make the payment via Paypal.  You can also send me an e-mail at

Taxes and Fees:

A 9% local sales tax  and shipping costs will be added to the price, especially if its large or out of the country – otherwise the mailing cost is included.


You may return your purchase if not satisfied at any time.  For any questions e-mail at

Prices for Original Postcards:

Prices vary and are based on size, time, intricacy, subject, and media. They are marked on each item.

Postcard Folder:

Each purchased painting is mailed in a specially designed folder of archival paper. This folder protects the painting and also makes a suitable gift enclosure.


Collages prints of  Postcard images combined with color and photography have been created and selected as limited edition pigmented prints. You can order the original  prints. Contact me at

Prices for Giclee prints:

Prices vary by size and are marked with the image. They are marked on each item.