‘Plateau Atlas’ at Restaurant L’Atlas

Restaurant in Paris

Title: Restaurant in Paris
Original: $400.00
Size: 7″ x 10″
Medium: Ink &Watercolor
Location & Date: Paris, France
George’s Postcard Note: To fall into the Restaurant L’Atlas after a full day of Paris was not so much relaxing as just plain fun. First, as we walked along Rue du Bac, its piles of beautiful seafood out front and the charm of its sidewalk barker enticed us inside. Second, we loved this little narrow space with old wood -paneled banquettes down each side and waiters in black pants & white coats- or was it white pants and black coats? Then we sat elbow to elbow with our neighbors, watched them enjoying their stacked platters of raw seafood. Using the line out of “When Harry Meets Sally,” I said, “I’ll have what she’s having.” We finally figured out – duh – that the name of this dish corresponded to the restaurant’s name, Atlas! It was all too much fun, it was all too delicious. I pulled out my pad & pent to put it all down on paper.