Hotel d’Assezat

Hotel d’Assezat,Toulouse

Title: Hotel d’Assezat
Original: $500.00
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Size: 4” X 6”
Medium: Watercolor / Pen & Ink
Location & Date: Toulouse, France

George’s Postcard Note: We took a pleasant morning walk from our hotel by the Garonne to l’Hotel d’Assezat, a renaissance merchant’s elegant ‘hotel particulier’. It’s now a museum. Before we got inside I was entranced by the main doorway and its serpentine columns. It’s in a corner of the enclosed courtyard, where I set up my stool, took out stuff, and started to draw. Then, from behind me came a teacher with her young class, hand in hand, two by two. They were all looking at me, and so she let them cluster around to see me paint. Then she called them back, and they marched, two by two again, into the museum.