Temple of Apollo above Wall

Temple of Apollo above Wall, Delphi


Title: Temple of Apollo above Wall
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Size: 9.5 X 6.5 inches
Medium: graphite pencil & watercolor
Location & Date: Delphi, Greece – May 27,2002

George’s Postcard Note: We arrived at this sacred place via tour bus and I immediately escaped the tour to find a place to begin painting. The ancient walkway up to the temple passes remnants of large stone monuments and terrific dry-laid granite walls, still intact after 4,000 years. I sat on a stone and looked up the mountain to the Temple of Apollo’s magnificent and huge columns with the much older massive granite wall holding up the entire view. This was the watercolor for me! The shear weight and size of the elegant columns, on the heavy rough-hewn wall, against the backdrop of the mountain gave me, a contemporary observer, the same feeling of awe that I think the ancient arriving visitor felt.