Dome of Agios Spyridou

Frescoed Dome of Agios Spyridou

Title: Dome of Agios Spyridou
Original: $375.00
Size: 9.5 X 6.5 inches
Medium: 9.5 X 6.5 inchesgraphite pencil & watercolor
Location & Date: Nafplio, Greece – May 31, 2002

George’s Postcard Note: On our last day here I decided to walk across the 12-foot wide street between our hotel room door and the historic Evangelismo Church to take a look inside. This church is very small and typical, with its central crossing and dome, of Greek Orthodox church architecture, squeezed in between the city streets. Its interior is dark, highly decorated and smelled of candle wax. The light was so dim that as I decided to paint it, I worried about seeing the pallet and colors. This day was a school holiday so many school groups visited the church, in waves, each time pouring in loudly and each time being shushed by their instructors. When they found me sitting in the back they swarmed around me whispering in Greek instead of paying attention to the teacher’s history lecture. It seemed like every person who visited that day lit a taper and stuck it in the large sand filled urn, because after they left a wax fire would start from the many candles. Then a tiny old lady dressed all in black (seemingly cursing under her breath) would rush in to extinguish the wax fire with sand and water. This happened several times while I was working. Soon it became apparent why the interior colors were so dark!