Theatre of Epidaurus

Theatre of Epidaurus, The Peloponese

Title: Theatre of Epidaurus
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Size: 9.5 X 6.5 inches
Medium: ink and watercolor
Location & Date: Epidaurus, Greece – May 28,2002

George’s Postcard Note: What an interesting experience to be observing the shape and setting of this elegant theater with all the visitors around, seemingly only interested in the incredible and precise acoustics created in the 2nd century AD. Despite the amateur orating, it was possible to notice the plains of olive trees beyond the stage, and to realize that there is more to Epidaraus. In the area undergoing excavation one can clearly see the various structures of this ancient Sanctuary – a spa with an events stadium, temples and bathhouses. No time to draw it all, though the late afternoon light and the setting begged me to.