Barga Sunset

View of Barga, Sunset

Title: Barga Sunset
Original: $300.00 SOLD
Size: 6” X 9”
Medium: watercolor
Location & Date: Sommocolonia, Tuscany -September 18, 1998
George’s Postcard Note: The valley’s so dramatic from our house in the little village at the top of the hill. We’re between late summer and early fall, when the autumnal rains are about to begin. The scene’s both dark and bright, the sky full of color. I’m using only brushwork, no pen or pencil, to bring out the drama. A few days after this we had a rip-roaring storm. We closed shutters against the rain, thunder & lightning, and wind, lighted a fire in the kitchen fireplace, and also candles because the power went out. So romantic to be spending a medieval evening in a medieval house!