Pitti Palace Boboli Gardens

Pitti Palace Boboli Gardens - $395

Title: Pitti Palace Boboli Gardens
Original: $395.00
Giclee Print Price: $99.00
Size: 6” X 9”
Medium: watercolor & ink
Location & Date: Florence, Italy – September 10, 1998
George’s Postcard Note: A picnic in the Boboli Gardens of the Pitti Palace produced the largest and fiercest ants I have ever encountered. That prompted us to take a stroll. We walked through the gardens, with their views down a long central walkway back toward the palace. The dense forest-like plantings led to distant views of the outskirts of Florence. A wooded walkway to the left had a mysterious feel to it. Who is in there and doing what? And what was that, algae? that makes the pool so green? The pool looked, from our distance, more like a grassy space than water.