Pazzi Chapel Dome

Pazzi Chapel Dome - $500

Title: Pazzi Chapel Dome
Original: $500.00
Giclee Print Price: $99.00
Size: 6” X 9”
Medium: watercolor & ink
Location & Date: Florence, Italy
George’s Postcard Note: I was antsy to get out, left Peter to read and think (his favorite pastimes!), and took the train, paints and sketchbook in hand, to Florence. I ran around trying to see everything I hadn’t seen two weeks before, but kept coming back to the Pazzi Chapel. In fact I sketched it 3 times! In this one I want to show you how it all works together — tiled dome, shadows falling down its sides, against the deep blue fall sky, and above, the richly-mottled stucco wall. Also the round windows peering out.