San Mineato al Monte

San Mineato al Monte, Rome

Title: San Mineato al Monte
Original: $500.00
Size: 6” X 9”
Medium: watercolor & ink
Location & Date: Florence, Italy – September 11, 1998
George’s Postcard Note: After lunch on the “other” side of the Arno, we started walking up to San Mineato. Took wrong turn and found an incredible sculpture exhibit in Belvedere Castle. Then backtracked and found the right way up the mountain to San Mineato. Glimpses of the church on its hill, its white and green facade getting closer and closer, increased anticipation. Finally in front of the beautiful church, whew, we needed a rest! It began to sprinkle. (But I thought a little rain shouldn’t hurt a watercolor! ) I was moved by the contrast of the green and white marble facade and old stone buildings next to it. I’d not remembered the bright gold mosaic in the center of the pediment. On a gray afternoon it shone. Could have stayed until nightfall.