Monastery Roofs at Dawn

ITALY: Monastery Roofs, Dawn

Title: Monastery Roofs at Dawn
Original: $650.00 SOLD
Size: 7” x 10”
Medium: Pen & Ink and Watercolor
Location & Date: Rome, Trastevere, May 27, 2006

George’s Postcard Note: Rooftops in Rome – In early morning, from the roof garden of our hotel in Trastevere, we had this view onto tile roofs next door. The compound is a monastery connected to the Church of San Francesco a Ripa. The early morning sun intensified the yellow ocher painted stucco and the windows in the clerestory lantern. As I painted this scene the bells of the church began to peal the morning prayers. Priests exited their quarters onto their balconies and walked to morning prayers. A moment of history, beauty and ritual coming together on a typical morning in Rome.