Pantheon, Rome

Title: Pantheon
Original: SOLD $750.00
Giclee Print Price: $99.00 (2 left)
Size: 6” X 9”
Medium: Watercolor / Pen & Sepia Ink
Location & Date: Rome – September 7, 1998
George’s Postcard Note: We were on a short stroll through Rome. The evening, a perfect twilight. Peter and I stopped, entranced, in front of the Pantheon. I found a café table with a view and began to draw it. I remember my awe at the blue of the fall twilight sky over the piazza and flood-lit building. I wanted to capture two aspects of the building: its huge scale and presence, and its antiquity. I used pen and sepia ink to tie my drawing to ink drawings of the renaissance and to etchings of the 19th century. Drawing this building brought me back to the eternal city – its antiquity and its light. With a Campari and soda I relaxed into the moment.