Urbino: View

View of Urbino

Title: View of Urbino
Original: $500.00 SOLD
Giclee Print Price: $99.00
Size: 6” X 9”
Medium: watercolor & ink
Location & Date: Urbino, Italy – September 13, 1998

George’s Postcard Note: The hill town of Urbino – what beauty, with its light-colored stone ! A rainstorm had just moved through and late-afternoon sun was beaming down from a bright blue sky. The hysterical confusion of our route into the town, and finding (finally) our hidden hotel, added to the day’s adventure. But when we opened the shutters of our room and discovered our view, I saw my Urbino postcard. The tile rooftops and church tower were archetypally Italian, not to mention the undulating hills and cypress trees in the distance. Drawing completed, dusk arrived, and for us, time for a gin and tonic. Later, we heard explosions and looked out to see a sound & light show on a hilltop beyond the city walls, coming from a church by Borromini. Ended this day at our balcony viewing fireworks, drinking in the view.