River Market Tower – River Market Pavilion

River Market Tower - River Market Pavilion - CLICK to SEE FULL 8 FEET

Title: River Market Tower – River Market Pavilion
Original: SOLD
Size: 2 feet x 8 feet
Medium: Collage
Location & Date: 300 Third Tower Residential Lobby
George’s Postcard Note: I was asked by the architect and developer to design large pieces for each residential lobby that showed a different aspect of the River Market District where the tower existed. These pieces tell that story using photography, postcard art and other art created for that story. These pieces were created on the computer using a program and printed on vellum. I then cut and mounted the pieces on white surfaces of cradled boxes and covered with plexiglass sheets. Finally the boxes were attached together and placed in the appropriate residential lobby. Each box is @ feet x 2 feet. Each can be purchased. E mail me to discuss.