19th Century Mansion

ARGENTINA: 19th Century Mansion

Title: 19th Century Mansion
Original: $400.00
Size: 7 X 10 in
Medium: Ink & Watercolor
Location & Date: Buenos Aires, March 2010

George’s Postcard Note: I like the eccentric gothic shapes of this building, adjacent to the Plaza de Mayo, longtime center of government. Surrounded by modern blocks in the background, I saw the contrast of lights and darks, old and new., and the big busy avenue with parklike sidewalks shaded by old spreading trees. We poked inside – apparently this once-grand late 19th century home was being restored for a private group of some kind. They let us wander around inside to see the rooms. It was sort of sad seeing antiquated computers and printers lined up in once grand spaces. However, at least it was being restored!