Parc Guell, Lizard Fountain

SPAIN: Parc Guell, Lizard Fountain

Title: Parc Guell, Lizard Fountain
Original: $495.00 SOLD
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Size: 4in X 6in
Medium: Watercolor / Pen & Ink
Location & Date: Barcelona, Spain – September 20, 2000
George’s Postcard Note: To see a larger painting of the Parc Columns click here. Who can resist Guadi? I can’t, and Parc Guell is his least-resistible work. Mysterious, beautiful, fun, and free. Peter and I of course went on top to see the undulating benches and balustrade, with their mosaics. The space was filled with kids playing and older folks enjoying the nice day. I was intrigued by how it looks from underneath, this great dark room held up by giant columns leaning every which way.