Walking Walkway, Parc Guell

SPAIN: Walking Walkway, Parc Guell

Title: Walking Walkway, Parc Guell
Original: $650.00
Size: 4in. X 6in.
Medium: Watercolor / Pen & Ink
Location & Date: Barcelona, Spain – September 20, 2000
George’s Postcard Note: Parc Guell, what fun! Peter and I took a series of buses from the Park Hotel (which we love) on the edge of the old quarter, to the bottom of the hill Parc Guell�s on. We thought it would be an easy walk from there. But the sun hot, we got hotter and hotter, but we kept on trudging up. It was a relief to get there and rest in the shade of the elevated walkway. Looks like it’s walking on these great muscular supports!