Public Garden

SPAIN: Public Garden at entry to Alcazar

Title: Public Garden at Entry to Alcazar
Original: $395.00
Size: 7” x 10”
Medium: Watercolor crayon & ink
Location & Date: Cordoba, May 24, 2003
George’s Postcard Note: Our first day in Spain! Cordoba and the Andalucian light! So we strolled. Lovely city. A pigeon . . . on my clean white shirt! Who cares! I dabbed at it, we kept walking and came upon the sun dappled forecourt of the Alcazar. We sat on stone steps watching the Saturday scene, older Cordobans sitting, chatting quietly, on park benches. I took out my new watercolor crayons. I tried to catch the light filtered by palms and tall cedars, strong shadows and sun glare on a pebbled walkway. I like these new crayons!