Alcazar & Garden

Alcazar & Garden - Cordoba

Title: Alcazar & Garden – Cordoba
Original: $295.00
Size: 7” x 10”
Medium: Pencil & Watercolor
Location & Date: Cordoba, May 2003
George’s Postcard Note: The Alcazar is a palace with beautiful buildings, but its gardens, they steal the show! After wandering the upper gardens, I settled into a small courtyard filled with orange trees and roses – and, of course, sun and blue sky! (Full disclosure: they were working on the fountain – the water is the product of my imagination.) Many onlookers. The cutest was a group of school children practicing their English, “I like;” “It’s good;” “Beautiful!” Less cute, large groups of older Spaniards, their loud cackling ricocheted around my head. And, they blocked my view. Grrr.