Diner in Tuscany

Diner in Tuscany - $300

Title: Diner in Tuscany
Original: $300.00
Size: 9.5 X 6.5 inches
Medium: ink & watercolor
Location & Date: Sommocolonia,Tuscany,Italy, Fall 1998

George’s Postcard Note: : Peter loves the peacefulness, above-of-the-fray-ness, of our house. He likes to go into ‘torp mood’ (‘torp’ = his shorthand for torpor!) and catch up on the more contemplative reading he’s brought along. I love having our own kitchen and buying the local foods to cook there, the fruit, balsamic vinegar, and, of course, the olive oil! The bottles, the fruit, table, and richly mottled colors of these old walls put me here in a ‘Matisse mood!’