Biltmore Hotel

USA: Historic Biltmore Hotel

Title: Biltmore Hotel
Original: $450.00
Giclee Print Price: $99.00 (2 Left)
Size: 6” x 8 1/2”
Medium: Pen & Ink and Watercolor
Location & Date: Coral Gables, Florida – February 13, 1997
George’s Postcard Note: The amazing tower of this hotel reminds one of how fantasy architecture used to be built. No half-way fakery here! This tower was built to last and to convey an imagined Spanish – Moorish . . . Alhambra . . . past. I wondered how it would feel to climb to the very top cupola and look out across the golf course lawn, and to the ocean beyond. I hear the restored suites in the tower are really grand, fit for a sultan!