Old Barracks

USA: The Old Barracks, Trenton

Title: The Old Barracks
Originall: $450.00
Size: 6” x 9”
Medium: Watercolor & Ink
Location & Date: Trenton – October 26, 1999
George’s Postcard Note: This wonderful old stone building and its wonderful companion, a sturdy old tree, both say ‘we’ve been here a long time.’ Old as they are, both of them carry themselves in a jaunty way. Maybe the bright red the window and doorframes are new to the renovated Revolutionary War barracks, but they do seem to belong. And surely, the tree has had its share of renovation by skilled tree surgeons! School kids on a tour came to visit the barracks. They were regaled by a man in military uniform who demonstrated how to fire a flintlock gun. With a bang!