Central High School

USA: Central High School

Title: Central High School
Original: $750.00 SOLD
Size:7 x 9 inches
Original Giclee Print Price: $99 SOLD OUT
Large Giclee Size (11 x 17): $100.00
Medium: Pen & Ink, Watercolor
Location & Date: Little Rock, AR. 2011

George’s Postcard Note: This image is included in the Note Cards, is in a large print format and in the small format on the postcards. Please email me to order large prints. This is my alma mater and one I am proud of for several reasons – a graduate and grandson of the architect whose name is on the plaque in the entry. I learned a lot here, maybe even a dedication to study architecture.Painting it caused the memories to flow. When I found the stamp of Mrs. Roosevelt and the black child, I had to use it – a reference to all the history embodied in that facade!