Houses, Portsmouth

USA: Middle Road, Portsmouth

Title: Houses, Portsmouth
Original: $250.00
Size: 6” x 8 1/2” MAILING DAMAGE
Medium: Pen & Ink and Watercolor
Location & Date: Portsmouth, N.H. – (postmarked August 12, 1996)
George’s Postcard Note: Yellow, Yellow! This house on Middle Road just yelled out to be painted. Not only is the house yellow, so is the fence. I liked this and the surrounding green trees in contrast. The in-and-out placement of the houses along this street tells me that it was once a meandering path, which later became a road and is now a street. I liked this zigzagging street, but also the American flag hanging just right for my composition. And the wall by the flag is just right for the stamp, like a modern street mural. Later note: This was the only card out of over 200 ever damaged in the mailing process. I think it was very nice of the postal service to tear it right along the street curb!