Sever Hall, Harvard

USA: Sever Hall, Harvard

Title: Sever Hall, Harvard
Original: $500.00
Size: 6” x 8 1/2”
Medium: Watercolor over Pencil
Location & Date: Cambridge, Massachusetts – June 18, 2000
George’s Postcard Note: In Cambridge. I wandered through Harvard Yard, familiar from student days, and sat down on the lawn facing H.H. Richardson’s masterpiece, Sever Hall. A nostalgic moment. I remembered my classroom there, the walk through the historic halls, the way learning felt in its spaces. The feel of this building is strong – its dark red brick color, its forms sitting solidly down on its site, strong! But I’d never seen the detailing of the brick the way I did that day. And now I realized I’d always wanted to go into one of those bay windows to feel what it’s like on the inside. I’d never had the chance to; I’ll bet it’s a coveted faculty office!