Blue House on Urselines

USA: Blue House on Urselines

Title: Blue House on Urselines
Original: $400.00
Size: 10” x 7”
Medium: Watercolor
Location & Date: New Orleans, May

George’s Postcard Note: I chose this little old-style frame house to paint. I liked how it’s gray-blue paint worked with the grayish sky, as well as the almost chartreuse house next door. This house, like all the houses, stands about three feet above the floods which would often invade street. Notice the vents to the right of its stoop – designed to let the water Out when the flood recedes. That morning it was on and off lightly raining, and we sat on a stoop on the other side of the street, under a small balcony to protect us from a watercolorist’s great enemy: water from the sky!