Cafe Croissant d’Or

USA: Cafe Croissant d’Or

Title: Cafe Croissant d’Or
Original: $175.00 SOLD
Size: 10” x 7”
Medium: Pen & Ink, Watercolor
Location & Date: New Orleans, May 2004
George’s Postcard Note: The giclee print of this card has been sold. It did start pouring in earnest. What to do but dart in here for another coffee, and enjoy this funny little place, with its tile work and light bulbs, and gorgeous display case. The storm outside got even more serious and we moved on to lunch, which was excellent. Thunder and lightning made the place cozier. Dessert from the array up front. The tiles (check out that green ceramic garland!) and the era this place evokes reminded me of growing up, of a ’40’s kitchen, and Mom’s Mix Master. This was the perfect stamp.