Almartha Inn’s Bays

Inn’s Bays, Almartha

Title: Almartha Inn’s Bays
Original: $300.00
Size: 6” x 9”
Medium: Pen & Ink and Watercolor
Location & Date: Almartha, MO – August 2000

George’s Postcard Note: My attraction to the architecture of disappearing places pulled me to this tiny hamlet around the corner from our Ozark farm. Sadly, this structure is on its last legs – these two bay windows on the side of the building seem to hang on for dear life! I sat there in the afternoon sun painting these compelling forms, responding to how the light hitting architectural forms makes sharp, strong shadows for the eye to see. I like the composition of these bays – the placement of the bays under the upper windows, the gutter pipe in the middle. Nostalgic notions about what may have happened here in history made me place Missouri’s home-state president at the upper window. Could be he once passed through this little town!