Rock Outcropping

USA: Rock Outcropping - Sonoma

Title: Rock Outcropping – Sonoma
Original: $300.00
Size: 4” x 6”
Medium: Ink, Watercolor & Watercolor Pencil
Location & Date: Sonoma Co, California – August 25, 1999
George’s Postcard Note: Having time to spend in this place was a real treat. It meant I could do a second drawing of the hill that is so prominent a part of their property. This time I wanted to focus on the rock outcropping and colors of the hill itself – go into it more. I also thought it would be fun to experiment with a different medium, so I used the watercolor pencils with the watercolor paint. The sketch line of the pencil highlights seem to give energy to the hill’s form. Well it certainly just sits there demanding your attention – “here I am, 1000’s of years old and with my high style decoration!”